Club Artifacts

GHRA owns an ex-Canadian Pacifc Railway wooden caboose which is being refurbished. This caboose was built in 1941 as CP 436994. In the past several years it has had a rubberized roof installed and has received several coats of paint. In 2008, we began to restore the wooden substructure and completely repainted the entire unit, and in 2009 new windows were installed in the cupola. In 2010 we plan to reinstall tongue-and-groove siding on the caboose, to bring it back to its 1941 appearance.


The CNR was kind enough to donate an 80 foot baggage car to the club. Originally built in 1950 as CN 8900, it was later converted for maintenance service and renumbered 60337. It served in this capacity in northern Ontario for several years. After restoration, we hope to install a railway museum in the car, with many of the paper and smaller artifacts in our collection.

Baggage Car

The Guelph Historical Railway Association is always an the lookout for railway memorabilia. Items of interest include anything of a historical nature, such as photos from your family album, home movies, railway items from employees of the railroad, in short anything that might lend itself well in a museum.

Further to the donation of memorabilia, we encourage companies and private individuals to donate anything they can do to help us in our restoration efforts. Gifts of materials, services, or funding are greatly appreciated and may qualify for a tax reciept. Contact us for more information.


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