CPR Legacy Gift to the GHRA in honour of the 125th anniversary of the driving of the last spike

Photo of some of the donated artefacts by Stephen C. Host

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 5 2011 . Guelph, Ontario.

Guelph group receives legacy gift from the Canadian Pacific Railway in celebration of the 125th anniversary of the driving of the last spike

On November 7 2010, Canada will celebrate a milestone in the history of our Country, when the Transcontinental railroad was first completed in 1885 by the Canadian Pacific Railway.

To celebrate this anniversary, The Guelph Historical Railway Association received a Legacy Gift from the Canadian Pacific Railway celebrating the 125th anniversary of the driving of the last spike of the Transcontinental Railroad. The Legacy Gift program, containing artifacts from the CPR archives is a welcome addition to the GHRA.s existing collection. Donated were 12 items possibly dating as far back as 1890 including CPR embossed silverware, silver tea and coffee service, and china/stoneware with a value estimated to be $1000.

The Canadian Pacific railway serviced Guelph directly for 110 years, and many of these artifacts could have been used on trains in dinner service between Toronto, Guelph and Goderich in the heyday of passenger rail service on the city owned Guelph Junction Railway. To celebrate the donation, the GHRA will have a display set up at our next public event which will be announced on our website at http://www.ghra.ca

The GHRA, founded in 1991 is dedicated to the preservation of Guelph.s railway heritage. Our artifact collection includes full size rolling stock such as a 1941 Canadian Pacific railway wooden caboose, and numerous small artifacts of railway significance such as the "CPR 125th Last Spike Collection". We welcome donations of any artifacts of railway heritage significance and endeavor to put them on display for Citizens of Guelph to enjoy where possible.

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