Guelphfest 2004 -- Photo Page

The GHRA once again participated in Guelphfest in 2004. 8 to 10,000 people participated in Guelphfest events (Source: Guelph Tribune) and our railway-related events proved to be popular all day long! Below are some photos from what turned out to be a beautiful day!

Children enjoying themselves looking out of our Restored 1941 caboose windows.

A photo showing our south-end railway display: Ontario Southland #180 and our restored 1941 wooden caboose! This photo was taken near the end of the day when the crowds subsided.

Enjoying a look out the engineers side of Ontario Southland Engine #180.

A photo showing association Secretary Chris Vanderheide and the inside of our caboose display.

Crowds of people climb down after touring the cab of OSRX 180.

A line-up for entry into the caboose.

A group boards one of the handcars. The handcars remained popular all day.


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